Terms and conditions

1. British Curry Awards® has been Trade Mark registered with the Intellectual Property Office of UK. If anyone tries to copy its name to capitalise on the British Curry Awards’ reputation it will now be able to take court action and will permit Trading Standards Officers or the police to bring criminal charges against counterfeiter.

2. Trophies remain the property of British Curry Awards Ltd in perpetuity and permission to use or display our official trophies, certificates and plaques and to use our names and logos for publicity and marketing purposes is licensed to winning entrants on a discretionary basis.

3. Whether by intention or negligence, if any dispute arises which may bring into disrepute the good name, image, reputation and/or judging process of the British Curry Awards® company and its officers, either directly or indirectly, we reserve the right to reclaim our trophy/certificate and to withdraw permission to use our names and logos.

4. Let it be known that unless expressly stated otherwise, the award is given to a specific establishment in a particular place, which has been deemed by the judges to be worthy of this recognition. If it is part of a chain it may not be construed or implied that other establishments within that chain or associated by whatever means with a winning entrant have also won. Any inference to the contrary will invoke our right to withdraw the award and the promotional benefits which arise.

5. Any restaurant displaying British Curry Awards® trademarks and trophies or using such to promote an establishment which has not itself won an award will be considered by the organizers to be committing fraud and without exception we will invoke the full force of the law to establish false representation. The usage of the British Curry Awards® logo by the shortlisted and/or winning restaurants in any marketing materials must clearly state the year and the region they were shortlisted or winners for. Additionally, upon prosecution, we will draw attention of local, national and trade press to disqualification and the name of the restaurant will be deleted from British Curry Awards lists and banned from future entry.

6. Public nomination is the first step in our competitive process and does not in itself constitute success in the competition. Any restaurant using their public nomination as a pretext for generating local or national publicity without having been through all the competitive stages of our process will be deemed to have contravened these terms and will be excluded from that year’s competition without exception.

7. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into in this regard. British Curry Awards Ltd, its directors and appointed officers reserve the right to exclude potential entrants for any reason without having to justify their decision to do so.

8. We accept no obligation to advise entrants of their status at any particular time however winners in various categories may be notified in writing prior to the event at the discretion of the organisers.

9. Trophies and certificates are issued to the shortlisted/winners of specific award categories and may only be publicised using full category description ‘Winner/Top 100/Shortlisted British Curry Awards’. The appropriate logo artworks will be freely available via e-mail attachment to approved winners/shortlisted immediately following the awards event.

10. Restaurant owners or staff cannot nominate themselves; it may be disqualified in the event. This has to be done by members of the public. Please ensure that they fill in all their details also as the judges may contact them for further information.

11. Restaurants established for three years or more will be entered in the main competition. Any restaurant established less than three years will be entered in the newcomer’s category which will be judged on a national basis.

12. Restaurants must have fifty covers to be eligible to participate in this competition.

13. Deadline to receive nomination for Best Delivery/Takeaway is the 31st July 2017.

14. Your establishment must serve curry cuisine and offer a delivery service to qualify for the Best Delivery/Takeaway.

15. If you do not reach the next round you will not hear from us.

16. Whatever material you send to us with the Entry Form will not be returned unless you specify any valuable material which we will return.